If you are reading this post, you surely are far ahead of most Africans( in terms of digital gaming) and are looking for a way to purchase DLCs and upgrades to outshine your Fortnite buddies with superior upgrades and weapons.

In this post I have put together a 6 step tutorial to buy your PSN gift card codes in Africa and any other part of the world( Fortnite Vbucks and Xbox cards are available too) so that you can get back to what you do best.(Window shopping in the PS store).

3 Minutes 3 minutes

  1. Go to neweragames.net

    psn gift card uganda

    Go to https://neweragames.net in your browser window.

  2. Search for PSN in the search box.


    Go to the search box and search for PSN Gift card

  3. Select your Gift card variation


    Choose from our wide range of PSN , Xbox and Amazon cards.Proceed to add your preferred choice to the Cart.

  4. Fill in your Contact Details at Checkout


    Fill in your name, phone number and address and then proceed to purchase your product.

  5. Choose your Preferred Payment Method

    psn card purchase

    Choose from either Cash on Delivery or Mobile Money/ Bank Card payments and purchase your product.
    All payments are secured by Flutterwave.

  6. Receive your Giftcard via E-mail/Whatsapp


    In less than 5 minutes, you will receive your your code via e-mail and submitted whatsapp number.

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