The gaming industry has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years, and with it, the demand for gaming gift cards has also increased. One of the most popular gaming gift cards is the PlayStation gift card(PSN), which can be used to purchase games, add-ons, and subscriptions on the PlayStation store. However, for gamers in Africa, getting their hands on these gift cards can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore the availability of PlayStation gift cards in Africa and how to make the most of them, especially during Black Friday sales.

The Availability of PlayStation Gift Cards in Africa

PlayStation gift cards are not widely available in Africa, and this can be frustrating for gamers who want to purchase games or subscriptions on the PlayStation store. However, there are a few options for obtaining these gift cards in Africa. One option is to purchase them from online retailers that specialize in gaming gift cards, such as New Era Games. These retailers offer digital codes that can be redeemed on the PlayStation store. Another option is to purchase physical gift cards from international retailers and have them shipped to Africa.

Most African gamers tend to use the Playstation Store for South Africa since it’s the only African store on the PSN Network. Given this, there is always a high demand for PSN South Africa cards, and they often go out of stock. To avoid this, it’s advisable to buy your PSN South Africa gift cards in large quantities and benefit from current game offers. Our experience reveals that the Top 5 PSN gaming countries in Africa are: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda.

Typical gift cards often bought by African gamers also comprise US Playstation cards and UK Playstation cards. The preferred denominations for South African PSN gifts cards are “Playstation 100” R100, $10 for US PSN cards, and 5 pounds for UK Playstation gift cards.

Black Friday Deals on PlayStation Gift Cards

Black Friday is a highly anticipated event for gamers, as it offers significant discounts on games, consoles, and gaming accessories. But did you know that you can also find great deals on PlayStation gift cards during Black Friday? Many online retailers offer discounts on gaming gift cards, including PlayStation gift cards, during this time. This is the perfect opportunity for gamers in Africa to stock up on gift cards and save money on their gaming purchases.

How to redeem your PlayStation Gift Cards on the PlayStation Store

Once you have obtained a PlayStation gift card, you may be wondering how to use it on the PlayStation store. The process is simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

How to Redeem Your Playstation Gift Cards

2 Minutes

  1. Go to PSN Store

    playstation store ps5

    First, log in to your PlayStation account on the PlayStation store.

  2. Redeem Codes

    PSN Store

    Then, click on the “Redeem Codes” option

  3. Input your PSN Code

    Redeem Code PSN Uganda

    Type your 12 character code and funds will be added to your wallet

Can You Use a Gift Card on the PlayStation Store?

The short answer is yes, you can use a gift card on the PlayStation store. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the gift card must be for the same region as your PlayStation account. For example, if you have a US PlayStation account, you will need a US PlayStation gift card. Additionally, gift cards cannot be used to purchase PlayStation Plus subscriptions, as these require a credit or debit card.


In conclusion, while PlayStation gift cards may not be widely available in Africa, there are still ways to obtain them and make the most of them, especially during Black Friday sales. These gift cards offer a convenient and secure way to make purchases on the PlayStation store, and with the rise of online retailers, they are becoming more accessible to gamers in Africa. So, visit New Era Games for deals and stock up on PlayStation gift cards to save money on your gaming purchases.

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